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photo by Mary Gearhart














2013 - 2000    
1999 - 1990 2013 The New Ecstatic    
1989 - 1983  
  Duet made in collaboration with dancer Cori Kresge performed to the music of Charles Ives’ The Unanswered Question and Penderecki’s Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima.
Premiere: Danspace Project.
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photos by Pierce Bounds
  2012 Ecstatic Dance 1-3    
  Solo dance in three parts performed at Douglas Dunn's Studio for APAP showing.    
  2011 9/11 Dance - A Roving Memorial    
  Three city public art project memorializing the ten year anniversary of September 11th. Performed simultaneously in New York City, Washington, Shanksville, PA.
photos by Katie Hosmer
  2010 Circling Dance (part one)    
  A circling duet. Music by Henryk Gorecki. Performed at Harkness Dance Center 92nd Street Y,
Sundays at 3 series
  2009 Dances for Disasters    
  A solo dance performed at Harkness Dance Center, 92nd Steet Y, curated by Claire Porter    
  2008 Dances for Airports    
  Installation version of Solo. Performed at Dublin Dance Festival, Dublin, Ireland.    
  2007 Dances for Airports
  MFA Thesis show. Premiered at American Dance Festival, Reynolds Theatre      
2006 Scenes from the Woman’s Dance
Commission LabCo Dance Premiere, Pittsburgh, PA
Photo by Sarah Holcman
  2006 Selections from the Solo Salon    
  American Maverick Performance Festival, Cooperstown, NY    
  2005 Airport Duet    
  Commissioned by Pittsburgh Dance Connection. Premiered at The Kelly Strayhorn Theatre,
Pittsburgh, PA
  2004 Solo Salon Five Dances    
  Performed at Tangente Dance Center, Montreal, Canada    
  2002 Get Out of the House    
  Commissioned by The Dance Alloy. Premiered in various locations in Pittsburgh    
  2002 Solo Salon Twelve Dances    
  Premiere Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA    
  2001 Get Out of the House    
  Premiered at Sara Delano Roosevelt Park, Lower East Side of Manhattan    
  2000 Paradise    
  Presented by Danspace Project, premiered at St.Patrick’s Youth Center gymnasium, Little Italy, NYC.
Photo by Mary Gearhart
2013 - 2000      
1999 - 1990 1999 Solo Salon    
1989 - 1983      
  Premiere Dance Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio    
  1996 Twister Mixer    
  Premiere Bryant Park Presents, NYC    
back to top 1994 Reeling    
  Premiere: The Joyce Theatre “Altogether Different” Festival    
  1994 Folked Up    
  Premiere: Prague Old Town Square & Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company at City Hall    
  1993 Higher Ground
  Premiere: St.Patrick’s Youth Center Gymnasium    
  1991 Deep Song (remix)    
  Premiere: Dance Theatre Workshop, NYC    
  1990 Divine Interventions    
  Premiere: American Dance Festival, NC    
Photo by Mary Gearhart
  1990 Prelude to Salome    
  Premiere: Danspace Project at St.Mark’s Church, NYC    
  1990 Berlin    
  Premiere: Danspace Project at St.Mark’s Church, NYC    
2013 - 2000      
1999 - 1990      
1989 - 1983 1989 Fear of Standing Upright    
  Premiere: PS 122, NYC    
  1989 Callas    
back to top Premiere: PS 122, NYC    
  1988 (blue)    
  Premiere: Lincoln Center, IPAs “Serious Fun” festival    
  1987 Force of Circumstance    
  Premiere: The Kitchen, NYC    
  1987 Primary Anticipation    
  Premiere:The Kitchen, NYC    
  1986 Wholly, Holy    
  Premiere: Central Park Summerstage, NYC    
  1986 Noh Body    
  Premiere: Danspace Project at St.Mark’s Church, NYC    
  1984 Cross Cultural Studies    
  Premiere: PS 122, NYC    
  1983 Satie Dance In Five Movements    
  Premiere: Kiva, NYC